Monday, August 1, 2011

Tornado brings new friends

Like everyone in Shelbina, the fallen trees and damage disrupted our lives.  Late one day I climbed into my car to go home and rest (in airconditioning).  As I pulled forward in the drive, I saw two young guys carrying a large metal object that looked somewhat familier.  I stopped and got out to talk to them.  It was the chimney cap from a fallen chimney on the roof and I had not even missed it with all the other damage.  They told me that they had found it down near the grade school where they were living.  Wow, that is a fairly long trip and the metal was still in good shape.  They had seen it on the ground and thought that it matched the colors of the mansion.  To make it more interesting, they were twins named Dillon and Dustin Herman.  It was great to get the cap back and even more so to meet two nice young men.  Later they and their family returned to tour the house as our guests.  Really great folks if you ever get to meet them.  Dillion and Dustin are 11, so you can see how large the cap is.