Sunday, April 17, 2011

April has its moments!

When you work on a project for two years, a lot of good and unfortunate things happen.  At the beginning of April, I was working on the plaster in the recieving room when I heard an object hit the floor in the dining room and bounce a couple of time.  Warren was painting in there and my first thought was that the paint bucket had fallen from the ladder or scaffolding.  It had happened before and the results were terrible.  From that height, paint not only gets on the floor, but also on the walls, windows, and doors.  I grabbed a roll of paper towels and rushed into the dining room to help with the cleaning.  It was confusing for me to see Warren with a big smile on his face.  How could he be happy I thought, until I remember that it was APRIL FOOLS DAY!  He got me big time and I am sure that I deserved it.  We laughed about that the rest of the day.

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