Sunday, July 31, 2011

Positive Attitudes!

Kathleen Wilham dropped by for a visit at a time when I was having trouble with birds building nests in the brackets located under the roof overhang.  A nest that looked large enough to host a couple of bald eagles was particularly irritating to me.  Kathleen suggested that I use a long pole to pull the nesting material out of the nich.  My response was that the nest must be 38 feet above the ground and there were no poles available that would reach that high.  I have long fishing rods, but the very longest is 18' and that would leave me about 20' short of my goal.  Kathleen said that she had some poles that could be tied or taped together.  With my best "Man-atude" I replied that there was no way, like it was a rule of physics.  Kathleen, ever positive, said maybe.  She left, but returned in a few minutes with poles of metal, wood, and pvc.  Her positive attitude spurred me to get a roll of tape even if I did not believe that we would reach the nest.  Some pieces screwed together while others slid into the hollow pvc and needed the tape to keep it extended.  Finally, the poles were all connected and I was sure that it would not hold together or that it would bend to the breaking point.  Still, Kathleen and Marilyn were looking, so I gave it a try.  Carefully I raised the pole and reached up by resting the tip against the wall of the house.  Then I reached even higher by extending my arms.  We did it!!!!  Carefully I pryed the nest from its perch 38' above the ground with a pole of misfit pieces and a friend's positive attitude.  If Kathleen ever tells you that she has a rooster that can pull a freight train, then go get the log chain. 

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  1. Since living in Shelbina now for almost 10 years, and being from Shelby County for the vast majority of my life, I have been very curious as to that bricked in door (?) in the back of the house (on the west side, as in the pictures.) Have you been able to figure out why it was there, was there a building attached back there (the brick look lighter on the lower half and a peaked roof shape). Just curious if you have figured that out, I'm sure that my husband would like to know also. Your 'neighbor' on West Mill Street, Beth Dittmer