Monday, September 29, 2014

Beginning of the Shelbina Mansion Restoration Fund

We were expecting the class of "64" at noon on a beautiful fall day.  Jo Kampschmidt had called and said that there were two men from Chicago who would like to visit the house if possible.  We agreed to meet in the morning before class arrival and the 27th of September became a very special day.  John Byrd was from Shelbina and had thought of purchasing the Benjamin House in 1994 when the Crists had it for sale.  It was great to talk and tour the home with John and Jack.  People who know the home and early owners are always a treat.  We spoke of the progress and future projects that included rebuilding the carriage house or  the" three hole" brick outhouse.  Imagine our surprise when John made a donation to start the funding for these projects! Like so many things, getting started is the hard part.    Thanks John!

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