Monday, May 18, 2015

Thoughts about the yard

Daffodils make me Daffy!
Each Spring we enjoy seeing the flowers that return to add color to the yard.  First the crocus, then the daffodils grace the yard with their presence.  Others soon arrive like the hyacinth and paper whites, but most have small foliage.  The daffodils take up so much room with their leaves and bulbs.  Even after the blooms are long gone, the round flower garden is covered with daffodil leaves. Today I dug up many of the bulbs to make room in the flower garden.  To give a little color to the southeast corner of the front yard, I replanted them at the corner of College and Shelby streets.  My thought is to spread the joy of first blooms and to more easily allow for the removal of the foliage when needed.  Digging and carrying the bulbs was tough.  I am getting a bit out of shape for this at age 67.  
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It is a joy to retain the lineage of flowers planted by previous residents so many decades before.

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