Sunday, January 22, 2012

Body found in the yard of the Benjamin House!

While working on the front porch, I noted a Shelbina Police car entering the drive.  A young officer parked the car and approached me.  Sir, we had a report from one of the school bus drivers that there was a dead body in the yard.  I felt both surprise then relief as I understood what was reported.  It was a nice early spring day and the plasterers where working away (which made a mess with a lot of dust).  One of their girl friends was visiting, but watching them do the "wax on, wax off" motion is rather boring so she wanted to read a book.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was dusty in the house, so she brought a blanket out to a shady spot in the front yard.  Well, a gentle breeze with soft grass resulted in a sleeping young woman on the lawn.  It is so peaceful in Shelbina that I thought nothing of it.  Time passed and she awoke and decided to go inside to see her friend.  That's when the police "raided the joint".  The officer enjoyed seeing the inside of the house and the young woman.  Dutifully he asked a few questions inside and was satisfied with my explanation.  So, yes, there was a body in the yard, but no, not a dead body.  Mr Benjamin was the last dead body in the front yard that I can confirm.  He was buried there after his death, but later moved to Shelbyville Cemetery.

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