Sunday, January 22, 2012

Former resident of the mansion passes away.

 When I received word that Charles E. (Sonny) Magruder had passed away from injuries in a fall at his home, I was saddened more than might be imagined.   You see, I had never met or spoken with "Sonny", but knew much about him.  The bedroom that he occupied while growing up has been shared by other "boys" such as the Crists and Todds as we know.  He was well respected as a person and as a singer.  He was mainly a studio or background voice for several famous groups including the Ray Charles singers.  It had been my dream that he would one day walk up the sidewalk and introduce himself.  Then we would walk through the house and he would tutor me on the house as he knew it when his father, Elmer, was the owner.  My letters to him had not been delivered as he had moved from his Bronx, New York address.  Shelbina has seen a lot of finality this year.  Marilyn and I hope that the house with so much history will grow in recognition and support.  It is amazing how much energy and expense is used for clean up instead of preservation.  A bit like the story of Humpty Dumpty.

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