Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stripping Wallpaper Today

This is not my favorite pastime, but the old kitchen and back entrance needed it.  This paper was a thick vinyl and even the scratch tool did not allow steam to penetrate very well.  Tearing off the vinyl top and then steaming the paper left underneath seemed to work the best.  It made quite a mess with all the small pieces of paper and wallpaper glue all over my hands.  Tomorrow will require more stripping above the servants  staircase.  Not exactly sure how I will reach the high spots.  12' ceilings look grand, but they can be hard to work.  The old paper looked good, but was a dark Burgundy.  The rear entrance needed more light and that is the direction we have maintained throughout our color selection.  Stop by the house if you dare and I will introduce you to my friend, the 10' step ladder.

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  1. Mike, it was nice meeting you and your wife. Would like to thank you again for the tour. You guys are doing a fantastic job on the "mansion." Totally loved it!