Sunday, September 18, 2011

Betty Lou Crist visits the mansion for first time in 16 years!

We have all watched children grow up overnight.  Time seems to crawl during certain moments, but the years can fly.  Betty Lou Crist recently visited the mansion for the first time in 16 years.  Can you imagine the questions she had as she watched other people adjust the building that she had called home with her husband, Robert, for 35 years.  It must have been similar to hearing a sound upstairs when you are home alone.  Should I look or stay where I safely stand?  It was also a question for Marilyn and I, as we have always hoped that our taste and ideas meet with the approval of the Christ family.  Things seemed to be going in the right direction when Robert made his weekly inspection and Betty Lou related the story of her mother's first visit.  Mother walked through the doors for the first time and said, "Betty Lou, this house needs color!".  That story made us feel a little better, because color and lighting were our main goal for the house.  Well, Mrs LaGrand and Betty Lou, we have color!  It was great to see Betty Lou and Robert, along with Robin, Dan, and Camron Buckman walk up the front porch stairs and into the house.  From room to room we roamed the house up and down discussing the design, colors, and furnishings. 
       It was pleasant to finish the tour in the parlor and relax on the Victorian furniture.  Betty Lou enjoyed the fainting couch while she related stories of her adventures in the house.  Robin's sister Camilla called just as we entered the bedroom that she and Robin had shared so many years ago.  It was a psychic experience to hear her voice and Robin laughed as she described the room to her sister.  They were both very happy that the closets now had lighting!  They had moved into the house as very young girls and the other kids had often told them ghost stories about the house.  For years Robin and Camilla had a ritual of checking under the bed each night and in the closets to insure that there were no extra forms of energy lurking in the dark areas.  Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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