Saturday, September 17, 2011

Found under the Mansion!

Just as in life, what you expect is not always what happens.  As the Spurgeon brothers and myself were digging up the floor under the center of the house, I made them an offer.  I would let them keep all the ghosts we disturbed if they let me keep the "Gold".  As luck would have it, there were no ghosts or gold.  Also, I expected to find lost tools, bottles (whiskey), or a coin or two.  Maybe, just maybe, the old bones of a hidden body, but the only bones looked a lot like a couple of chicken bones from some worker's lunch.  Finally, in all that mud, I spotted something with a shine.  I bent down and felt around the object.  As I cleaned it off, my heart began to race with recognition of a jewel that someone had lost long ago.  It was exciting to find the shining diamond shaped stone and I will admit to thinking of the money before the historical significance.  Then, I realized that the stone must belong to the longtime owner, Betty Lou Crist.  How, you may ask, did I know so quickly?  Betty Lou has many remarkable characteristics, but one trait above all others, told me that it was hers.  You see, Betty Lou loves the feminine color "Pink" and this cut stone was "pink".  There was no choice but to return it to the rightful owner, and she enjoys the diamond even now.  I think that her husband is having a solid gold mount designed for the diamond with matching 18 Ct gold necklace.  What a guy?

Just an update on the stone.  Though it matches Betty Lou's taste perfectly and it wasn't actually found t in the basement, but still is was during the excavation of the basement.  It was actually discovered in a big box store in Quincy.  Marilyn wondered what I was doing when she saw the diamond in my shopping basket.  The gold  mount and chain you ask?  Well, Robert is about as likely to spring for that much gold as the Cubs are to win the World Series!

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