Thursday, November 29, 2012

Humpty Dumpty falls again!

With the best of intentions,(surprising my wife Marilyn) I retrieved a piece of framed art from the garage.  She had made the purchase about 3 years ago at an auction and I thought she would enjoy seeing it above one of the fireplaces.  So far, so good is the story at this point.  I attached the new cord for hanging the picture from the rail.  When I lifted the large frame up to the rail another hanging hook was dislodged and fell.   The marble fireplace would have survived, but the antique ruby-flash luster had its chimney shattered.  To make things more painful, it was one of a pair that I had bought Marilyn for Christmas two years ago.  I felt terrible, but she handled it very well and that is probably why I enjoy my life with her so much..

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