Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tornado Aftermath

Sugar Maple sapling & Sycamore to be removed
Hackberry Stump & Mimosa Sapling
Yesterday was busy as Marilyn and I went to Quincy first, then to Stark Nursery in Louisiana and finally to Shelbina with the two sugar maple trees that we had purchased.  We chose the slow growing sugar maple trees for their beautiful fall colors and sturdy limbs.  The soft maples that are so common break easily as their centers rot away.  The tornado of 2011 shattered most of the soft maples in the yard and we wanted to plan for the distant future.  Measuring, digging, and planting was completed just before dark (and winter weather).   We were exhausted by the time we did a bit of cleaning that evening.  Next we will plant the two Mimosa trees that we purchased.  Sorry that the improvement to the yard is not too noticeable at this time.  We hope that the children who walk South Shelby Street each day to the grade school will get to appreciate them one day.
1 of 2 Mimosa Trees 

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