Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sonny/Chuck Magruder loved Christmas at Mansion

Reflections everywhere
This year seemed special as we decorated for Christmas.  Lights and ornaments went on the tree, candles (about 75) were placed in the windows, and the Belvedere got its own tree at the top of the house.  While lighting the tree and seeing the reflections in the large pier mirrors of the parlor, I kept thinking of the joy that this room had brought young Charles Magruder.  He was Sonny or Chuck to most people and nice to all.  His partner, Valerie Shondel,  told me of how he would reflect back to his childhood joy at descending the grand staircase and entering the parlor.  The tree, reflections, decorations, and memories stayed with him forever.  Thank you Valerie for bringing a special joy to our Christmas with your story of Chuck.  Christmas is a time to share with everyone past and present  In this way, Sonny can be with us  each Christmas season.

Sonny's first view
       Does anyone else have a story about Christmas at the mansion?

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