Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wild weather worth the dinner!

Lee Ann, Kathleen, Mike, and Marilyn  meet at Shelbina's Senior Center
The snow and wind was fierce, but we made it to the Shelbina Senior Center for a Christmas dinner.  Marilyn and I met Kathleen Wilham of the historical society and Lee Ann Oliver, who does a great job of managing the Shelby County mo.gen. website of historical information.  If you have not visited the website or historical building, you are missing a real treat.  Information about the Benjamin House and Shelby County is still being discovered thanks to their research.   Local people still have stories to share and we hope to gather them.  J.D. Davis (90) did not make it to the dinner due to the weather, but he must have a lot of stories.  And, I met  Dorina May Richards who knew Jane Todd (resident 1955-60) and asked if Jane had been back to the house.  Jane, we miss you!  Also, an Email arrived from Eddie Jo Johns Lawrence asking about the house and  we hope that she can visit again.  The last time she was here, the house was a construction mess.  I am surprised that she will even talk to me!  So, keep going rain or snow and a bright day can arrive.

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