Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As close as I'll ever get........

A graveside service was held today for Charles (Chuck or Sonny) Magruder in Shelbina Cemetery.  It was a sad event and yet it was nice to see a gathering of those who knew the man as an adult or as a boy.  It is still difficult to express how I should feel such a loss by the passing of someone that I never met.  Our only commonality is that the house in which he grew to be such a fine man is the one that we now own.  Spirits are so often associated with fear, but this house has been beneficial to so many families. I choose to think that the correlation between between events is related to Charles Magruder's spirit.   Good thoughts abound and it is nice to know that Mr Magruder once again resides so close.  Several people toured the home and his partner Valerie Shondel enjoyed visiting his home once again.  She and her mother both agreed that "Chuck" would have approved the changes that we made.  As difficult as the loss felt for us, it had to have been twice as hard for Valerie having this service and the loss in their New York home.  She displayed tremendous grace.                                                                
Mike Shepherd, Valerie Shondel, Harlan Greenwell, & Robert Crist
Photo taken in the dining room of the Benjamin House.

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