Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Energy from other presorvationists

Tonight Marilyn and I went to a meeting at a home on 314 N. 7th St in Hannibal that is owned by Gordon and Ashley Harrison.  They, like us, found an old home that was in danger of  complete disrepair or being altered to become  rental units.  Gordon is an art conservator and works mostly on old paintings.  The woodwork in the Ashley's home was very nice in most rooms and the design of the home is very interesting.  They have removed most of the plaster and drop ceilings. Now they are installing new drywall on many walls and ceilings.   The floors had been swept, but still showed the dust from so much plaster and drywall work.  We certainly understood that situation as we are still sweeping up plaster dust.  It was nice to share stories of hand sanding floors, removing ceilings, walls, and plaster.   They too search for antique trim pieces and lighting to help the house.  They have found great old lighting fixtures and have overcome a lot of obstacles.  Their energy and excitement at solving problems was inspiring to us about our work on the Benjamin house.  There are several really nice old homes in Shelbina that need  interested owners like the Harrisons. 

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