Monday, October 15, 2012

Friends of the Mansion

The task of renovating the Mansion is a long journey.  As with any journey, some days are better than others and many, many days are solitary.  Just me and the poltergeists annoying each other.  Then, on special days, a friend of the Benjamin House will  visit and help the house.  Rose Fitzhugh is always a joy and this week she brought a lovely gift for the house.  It is a 4 piece, brass set of fireplace tools that are in excellent condition for their years.  They match the Benjamin bedroom with its brown tones.  She has such good taste and her upbeat attitude really helps progress in the house.  Earlier she found a large antique oriental rug that compliments one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Thanks Rose, and an honorable mention to her husband Dan for all his good  electrical work and ideas about fixing the house.  He is also a real bonus at Halloween when he wears his wolf man mask and has kids running from the sidewalk.  Thanks so much.

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